While Information Safeguard’s consultants are vendor agnostic, meaning we are not tied to the products of a specific manufacturer, we do seek to work with and understand all of the vendors in our relative practice areas. We spend significant “bench time” learning, testing, and deploying your technologies to determine how best the solutions fit into our clients’ environments while satisfying their technical needs.

Our technical approach to consulting and sales can become a force multiplier for our vendors particularly when;

  • a) we feel that your solution is the best technology for our client
  • b) our client is committed to your technology
  • c)  your solution holistically integrates with the client’s environment considering the pros, cons, and budget
  • d) you are looking for re-sellers that function as sales engineers and 1st level client support

We accomplish our approach with the wide range of products and solutions because we continually evaluate, seek multiple vendor certifications, utilize industry Best Practices, and have a deep, holistic understanding of our clients’ environments and
business objectives.

As part of our self-education process, we have created our own Product Matrix. The matrix places vendors where we believe they best fit into our client’s environments. We provide competitive bids, quoting, and procurement services for most network and security hardware, software, and maintenance.

Even if we don’t have direct re-seller relationships with  a vendor, we can still provide the installation and design expertise.

We reference our vendor’s Gartner reports for an independent review of network and security solutions. For instance, Gartner’s Firewall Report 2106 does align with our selection for Firewall vendors.

Rest Assured

When you introduce us to your client, we will act on your behalf as a trusted member of your team. As subject matter experts, we can present the strengths and benefits of your solutions juxtaposed to offerings of competitors. We will set the proper expectations with the client and ensure the integration of your products into their environment is seamless and meets their project specifications. And be rest assured, as your Trusted Advisor, we will not sell a competing solution to your client for opportunities that you provide to us. We win with you AND the client.