Member Directory & Chapter Locator

Fully customizable member directories, categories, discount offerings, and rapid search tools.

Provide search tools and listings for your members that allows them to search via terms, location, and more. Our directory tools interact well with Auth/SSO to provide restricted access as needed.

Locator: Search by location, business name, and more

Do you have a list of chapters, member businesses, or other location-based data that you’d like to be fully searchable and easily updated all-in-one application? Locator allows your users to submit updates to locations (or just restrict it to the “owner” of the location) that enter an approval process. Approve, update, or discard these updates in an easy-to-use administration panel.

Key features

  • Blacklist spammers/scrapers to protect your valuable data and keep it in the right hands
  • Auth/SSO integration to import data
  • Radius search via City/State or Postal Code
  • Dynamic “one-box” search for all fields
  • Promoted/Enhanced listings – give better positioning to members or sell it as an add-on
  • Embedded maps on location profile
  • Logo/photo upload
  • Restrict features by membership or purchasable upgraded location profiles

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