Forums and Community

Cultivate your member community

Integration with your AMS allows your members to discuss topics relevant to their profession and lives. You can set up temporary boards for events, or set up permanent boards surrounding a topic. Restrict boards to internal staff discussion or open it to the public. Moderate forums with staff or elevate trustworthy members to help steer the discussion.

Communicate how you prefer via email, the web, or both

If your members are used to communicating entirely with email, there’s no need to change that behavior. Seamlessly replace your existing solution and allow them to ask questions and discuss while capturing this vital information on web-enabled, searchable, archived discussion boards. Never lose conversations to “cleanup” functionality offered by other cloud-hosted vendors. Crucial discussion is saved forever.

Email controls all in one location: Forums, Newsletters and Email Marketing Together

Manage all of your email needs in one location. Communities includes a Newsletters module that allows you to send out email marketing and newsletters using unique templates. Your community will be the nexus for all communication with your members. They can manage subscriptions to email marketing and newsletters and email alerts for the forums all in one spot.

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